Patientenmonitor CMS7000

Patientenmonitor Patientenmonitor CMS7000

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The Patient Monitor CMS7000 is for continuous monitoring of physiological and vital functions of a patient. It is used for intensive care units, heart medicine, operating theatre, emergency room and hospital in-patient monitoring. The device integrates parameter measurement module, display and recorder in one device. It is CE marked.

Technical features

  • Compact and portable
  • Multi parameter monitoring like ECG, HR, RESP, SpO2, PR, NIBP, TEMP, etc.
  • Audible and visual alarm
  • Trend data storage and outpuot
  • Alarm event marking and drug concentration calculation
  • 12.1" TFT LCD monitor
  • Connection to central monitoring system by 3G, WiFi or wired mode
  • Built-in thermo-printer for printouts
  • Built-in rechargeable battery provides convenience for patient moving
  • For adults, pediatric and neonate patients

Standard parameters

  • Electrocardiograph (ECG) with heart rate (HR) and ECG waveform. The ECG wave form can be monitored either by 3- or 5-lead (1 package with 20 electrodes for adults included)
  • Respiration (RESP) with respiration rate (RR) and respiration waveform
  • Pulse oxygen saturation (SpO2) with plethysmogram (PLETH) and pulse rate (PR) (1 SpO2 probe for adults included)
  • Non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) with systolic blood pressure (SYS) and diastolic blood pressure (DIA) (1 NIBP cuff and one extension tube for adults included)
  • Temperature (TEMP) with dual-channel TEMP T1 and T2 (one temperature probe included)

Additional parameters on request

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) (optional) with end-tidal carbon dioxide (EtCO2) and airway respiratory rate (AwRR)
  • Invasive blood pressure (IBP) (optional): With two channels (CH) also showing waveform
  • ECG 12-lead

Download: Patient Monitor CMS7000 - Product Sheet.pdf

Transport und Lagerung

Batterien: ja Achtung, dieser Artikel enthält Batterien: Bitte berücksichtigen Sie, dass der Versand inklusive Batterien vom Zielort und dem Transportmittel abhängt.

  • Länge: 40.00 cm
  • Breite: 39.00 cm
  • Höhe: 39.00 cm
  • Gewicht: 5.280 kg

Artikel 62530

Zusätzliches Zubehör (separat erhältlich)

  • ECG electrodes
  • ECG cable
  • SpO2 probe
  • NIBP airway tube
  • NIBP cuff
  • TEMP probe

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