Who We Are

We share the values of action medeor:
Improve health worldwide together.

For more than 50 years, action medeor provides medicines and medical supplies for healthcare facilities in more than 140 countries worldwide and supports partners in long-term healthcare projects. We, action medeor labworks, are as a 100% subsidiary responsible for the procurement, the storage and the export of medicines, medical supplies and devices. Our customers are other non-governmental organizations, wholesalers and hospitals in different markets worldwide.

Together. Successful. Worldwide.

  • Established on 08.02.2021 as social enterprise
  • Lead by Dr. Irmgard Buchkremer Ratzmann and Kerstin Steuler
  • Operating worldwide from Germany
  • Close to our contacts thanks to branches of the action medeor family in Tanzania and Malawi
  • Committed to action medeor e.V. with shared values, premises and employees



Your one-stop solution for medical products and an excellent source for quality medicines and medical equipment.

Assured quality, reliable technologies, consulting and optional all-round service with installation and maintenance for long-term working health care.

As social enterprise and 100% subsidiary of the German non-governmental organization action medeor e.V. we share all values and work together for the health of all people.

From registration to purchasing and logistics: We are dedicated and experienced professionals in the field of pharmacy, medical techniques, logistics, warehousing.

We are operating worldwide from Germany with well-established contacts also in sub-Saharan Africa drawing on experience of decades in international cooperation, pharmaceutical business and humanitarian health supply chain.


Establishment action medeor labworks GmbH

Spin-off of activities into the subsidiary with the aim of sustainably strengthening the business area and thus also the services of action medeor.


Subsidiary in Malawi

The branch office in Malawi opens in September 2015. From a 500 square meter warehouse, action medeor Malawi supplies to health stations all over the country.


Subsidiary in Tansania

After the foundation of the company according to German law, the Tanzanian branch in Dar es Salaam starts operations in September 2005. In 2013, another facility is opened in Masasi in southern Tanzania, followed by a third facility in Makambako in 2018.


Foundation of action medeor e.V.

On August 13, 1964 the association action medeor e.V. is founded (medeor: „I help, i heal”).



Team, General contact

TPL_PHONE +49 2156 9788-100

TPL_EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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