Treatment of malnutrition and vitamin and micronutrient deficiencies

Malnutrition is a serious medical condition caused by a deficiency of essential proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals in a diet and it affects mostly women and children. The condition generally occurs in families with limited access to nutritious foods, not utilizing best practices for infant and young child feeding, with frequent exposure to infectious disease, and in emergency settings.

action medeor offers several Ready to Use Therapeutic Foods (RUTFs) or Ready To Use Supplementary Foods (RUSFs), which can be used to manage acute malnutrition. All products can be used facility-based and community-based, as they are, under guidance of trained health workers/qualified medical staff, also useable for in-home consumption. The therapeutic food can be eaten directly, or mixed with water to make porridge.

Additionally, action medeor offers vitamin tablets to treat a range of vitamin deficiencies. Further products like special nutrition & vitamin and food supplements are available on request. Please contact us for any information.

Currently, we offer the following products in our assortment:

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