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Our Mission StatementHigh Quality Health Care
Everywhere - for Everyone

Solidarity and affordable medical care are our motivation. As part of our work, we strive to uphold human rights and ensure the right to health.

medeor (Latin) means „I help, I heal”. This term forms the basis of action medeor e.V. and action medeor labworks.

VISIONTogether for health

Nobody suffers or dies from treatable or preventable diseases.

Healthcare, which includes preventive care, medical treatment and the supply of medicines, is within reach of everyone, regardless of their economic, geographical or social origin.

As a pharmaceutical wholesaler, action medeor labworks can draw on its own expertise and on the experience of action medeor e. V., one of Europe’s largest medical aid organizations.

Their experts know the local infrastructure as well as the climatic and social conditions in which our customers work. That's why action medeor labworks offers specially tailored, robust and easy-to-use medical technology.

TBF 023 actionmedeor 1670

MISSIONmedeor - I help, I heal

We provide access to affordable and high quality medicines and ensure the medical care of people in need.

  • We provide our customers with the opportunity to improve health care for themselves and their fellow human beings. This also strengthens local communities and structures.
  • We fight poverty-driven diseases around the world, like HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, and neglected tropical diseases.
  • We provide both immediate and sustained response in the event of an emergency or disaster.
  • We provide health education and thus prevent diseases.
  • We qualify local specialists and help to create independent pharmaceutical and medical competencies through knowledge transfer.
  • We promote solidarity and support from the public and make the connections between poverty and disease visible.
  • We change public opinion through education and inform people about health issues - also regarding development goals and a sustainable way of life.
  • We join forces with other organizations to influence domestic, European, and international policy on health and development issues.
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VALUES Our principles

Solidarity and affordable medical care are our motivation. As part of our work, we strive to uphold human rights and ensure the right to health.

Autonomy and responsibility

We help people to help themselves and act responsibly both internally and externally.


We support regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and political and religious views.

Respectful cooperation at eye level

We respect the dignity and culture of our partners.


We work in an open and informative manner and regularly provide report about our work.


We live and promote participatory collaboration both when working with our partners and in-house, and we believe that this adds value for everyone.

Effectivity and efficiency

Our activities and workflows are impact-oriented and cost-conscious.

Save resources

We adapt our structures and workflows to a sustainable management in a continuous improvement process. Our goal is to operate as CO2-neutrally as possible.


We support our employees so that they can meet the human and professional requirements and expect them to continuously develop their knowledge and skills.



Team, General contact

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