Urine Diagnostics
Reliable results with the Urilyzer® 100 Pro

The Urilyzer® 100 Pro is a semi-automatic evaluation device. It offers user-friendly operation thanks to a self-explanatory program, automates the measurement immediately after inserting the strip and highlights conspicuous results in color. With the Urilyzer® 100 Pro, you can evaluate your urine test strips quickly and reliably, automatically document and transfer the results and ensure the quality of your analysis. It is the ideal solution for your urine test strip analysis, saving you time, money and resources.


Optimal application in:
  • small to medium-sized laboratories

Advantages of the Urilyzer® 100 Pro

Easy handling

The Urilyzer® 100 Pro is intuitive to use and requires no calibration or maintenance. You can evaluate up to 120 test strips per hour without having to intervene manually. The Urilyzer® 100 Pro automatically recognizes the type of test strip and adjusts the measurement parameters accordingly. Positive results, reminders and warnings are displayed in color and can be easily identified. Flexible testing and reporting options allow you to customize the user interface.

Intelligent and safe operation

The Urilyzer® 100 Pro has a multi-level user management system that allows you to define different access rights and functions for your employees. For example, you can define who can evaluate test strips, view results or change settings. The Urilyzer® 100 Pro also has an integrated barcode scanner, which makes patient and sample identification easier and avoids errors.

Extended connection options

The Urilyzer® 100 Pro offers you various options to save, print or transfer your results. You can connect the Urilyzer® 100 Pro to your laboratory information system (LIS) or hospital information system (HIS) to ensure seamless data transfer. You can also connect an external printer or USB stick to print or export your results. The Urilyzer® 100 Pro supports various protocols, such as HL7, LIS2 (ASTM+) or POCT1-A2, allowing easy integration into your existing infrastructure.

All product details


  • CombiScreen® 11 SYS PLUS Urine test strips with integrated ascorbic acid protection for screening glucose, ascorbic acid, ketones, protein, pH value, blood, nitrite, leukocytes, severity, bilirubin, urobilinogen.
  • CombiScreen® mALB / CREA Urine test strips for the examination of creatinine, albumin.
  • CombiScreen® Quality Control cover a wide range of analytes, including pregnancy markers and microalbumin. The controls have been developed for both manual and instrument use to monitor the function of urine test strips.

If you are interested in the Urilyzer® 100 Pro, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you and make you an individual offer.

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Application of urine diagnostics:

Screening of:
  • Kidney diseases
  • Urinary tract diseases (cystitis, kidney inflammation, etc.)
  • Metabolic disorders, e.g. diabetes mellitus
  • Diseases of the liver
  • Hemolytic phenomena (blood in the urine), cause: severe infections, autoimmune diseases, poisoning, burns, etc.)
Therapy monitoring:
  • for the above-mentioned disorders/diseases
  • for observation during therapies with strong negative side effects, e.g. on the kidneys (medication for HIV patients)

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